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The day of hearts and roses is a time to rejoice in the deep and caring relationships that complicate our lives. 

Falling in love can be very inconvenient, especially if your loved one comes from another culture.  Consider Downton Abbey, where the union of Sybil and Tom crosses the boundaries of upstairs and downstairs, England and Ireland, Catholic and Protestant. Their newborn daughter now carries a cross-cultural blend into the next generation.  

This type of personal drama plays out in more and more families, as globalization brings new faces and customs into our lives.  An Internet search of cross-cultural marriage provides caveats and coaching galore about the challenges that come with choosing a partner with different roots.  Some argue that every marriage is cross-cultural because every family has its own culture. No doubt, you have faced the inconvenience of falling in love, to one degree or another.

My own experience is less dramatic than that of the heiress and the chauffeur, yet, I find adjustments continue, despite decades of togetherness.  My learning to cook Argentine food is a hopeless cause, but I try to remember to serve bread with every meal.  I’m not ready to give up my less-than-elegant baseball caps and Capri pants, but I try to limit their use to the beach.  I believe those small, day-to-day acts help pave the way for the big trade-offs that come with multi-cultural life. 

There is no one formula for successful co-existence, but here is one that works for me and my Valentine:  a big dose of respect, lots of open dialogue, two heaping spoons of patience, and a dash of good humor.  

There is no doubt about it -- love is inconvenient. But Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate crazy, complicated love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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winnie pedalino
02/14/2013 6:04pm

There is much truth in your appraisal of the possible inconvenience of Valentines Day, romance, love and marriage happenings. I do think "good humor" is an incredible ingredient that becomes more important to the mix as time goes on!!

Bethe Lee Moulton
02/15/2013 12:26am

As another February 14th comes to an end, I send wishes to all for good humor and gratitude to those who have loved me and made my life wonderful.

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