The Eyes Refocus


To My Blog Readers,

The "eyes" of "Until Brail" are preparing to refocus on women in business, especially those who venture into the international arena.  

As a  first step in updating this blog, I have deleted many of my previous posts, keeping those that address the challenges of bridging across cultures, either personally or professionally. Many of those pointers are still relevant and may have been buried under subsequent posts.

I hope you will enjoy these previous posts and I look forward to our future dialog!

Bethe Lee Moulton
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    The Author

    Bethe Lee Moulton brings a unique perspective to her writing, grounded in strong family roots and inspired by global experience.  Her career as an international strategist inspired her to write her award-winning novel, Until BrazilHer blog, The Cultures Within Café, is a place to share the challenges and joys and challenges of living in an ever-smaller world. Bethe divides her time between Boston, Buenos Aires, and Boca Raton, to be with her far-flung friends and family, spanning four generations, multiple cultures, and diverse worldviews.  



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